How Effective Are MeGrips At Removing Ear Wax? - MeGrips

Ear wax is a completely natural secretion in our ears. As disgusting as it may appear, ear wax plays a critical function in our ears. It keeps the eardrums safe from external factors such as dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. Without a doubt, ear wax is important to keep our ears safe, but this doesn’t mean it cannot cause problems.

Excessive secretion of earwax by glands is when the problems arise. Too much ear wax in the canal can not only cause irritation but also lead to fungal infections in the ear.

What is the way out? How can you protect your ear from the harmful effects of excessive ear wax? Simply, by keeping it clean. Now, there are numerous ways to keep your ears clean – right from cotton buds, ear drops to water irrigation. These methods are effective, but are they safe? What if you end up pushing the ear wax further in the canal, rather than taking it out?

This is precisely where MeGrips come into the picture. MeGrips is an advanced tool, which you can be used to safely remove the wax from your ear. The design of MeGrips is such that it doesn’t push the wax inside your ear but rather sucks the wax out effectively.

With our MeGrips review, you will get to know about the amazing benefits of this product. We will also be covering the downside to the product in our review. Read on to know more.

Benefits of MeGrips:

MeGrips is one of the best devices invented to maintain the health and hygiene of your ears. Let’s understand the different aspects of MeGrips.


Made of fibre plastic and a soft silicone tip, the tool is durable, lightweight and extremely sleek.


Extremely easy to use, the device is also compatible with people of all ages. A box of MeGrips comes with 16 reusable tips. As per the age and size of the ear, you can pick the appropriate tip to use. These tips are made of silicon and are super soft and gentle on the ear.


The device slowly rotates the tips gently. This helps collect the wax easily in the digs, which form a swirl on the tip. 


A painless method of removing ear wax, MeGrips is popular across all age groups. Especially among toddlers, where mothers can use this fuss-free device to get rid of wax from their kids’ ears. All you have to do is insert the device in your ears for a few minutes, and you’re done!