• Ear Infection (Symptoms and Causes) - MeGrips

    Just like other parts of the ear, the middle part, too, is susceptible to infections. Middle ear infections are often referred to as ‘acute otitis media.’ While children are more likely to fall prey to this infection, it is common in adults too.
  • Why Are My Ears Ringing - MeGrips

    A ringing in the ears is not just another symptom that you can dismiss; it is the result of damage to the ear. The medical term for this condition is tinnitus
  • How Effective Are MeGrips At Removing Ear Wax? - MeGrips

    Ear wax is a completely natural secretion in our ears. As disgusting as it may appear, ear wax plays a critical function in our ears. It keeps the eardrums safe from external factors such as dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.